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                    The Original  – and the BEST  Estate Liquidators’ In Vegas! 

25 Years Experience!

As Seen On TV!

 We Specialize In

  • Estate  Liquidation & Sale of Personal Property Due to A Death or Move ~ Fast
  • Estate Appraisal
  • On-Site Estate Sales and Auctions
  • Estate Inventory
  • Senior Relocation
  • 12,000 sq ft Consignment Store & Warehouse
  • Free Consultation
  • Gated & Guard Gated Community – We Have Many Options!

Please note that our FREE consultation is just that – and we will not try to pressure you into signing any contracts – during this vulnerable time.


We Do Estate Sales Of Personal Property Due To A Death or Move ~ AND Have A Store Location ! 

We Can Also Do A In Home Estate Sale Auction For Those Guard Gated Communities!


You Never Have To Worry That Your Items Will Be Sold Below Fair Value – Because We Have More Than One Venue To Sell Them! 

Estate Sale 
Consignment Store
Online Auction

We are fully licensed and have had a Police Criminal Background Investigation done for our store and auction licenses

We will evaluate, display and sell and liquidate contents of your estate and have it empty & ready for your realtor to list in only 8 days!

We Have 25 Years Experience In Los Angeles & Las Vegas!

If you are dealing  with downsizing or a death in the family,   you know that the Estate Liquidation process can spread  emotional havoc!  Under this enormous stress and time restraint it is a difficult task. 

When an estate is in probate, you can easily spend additional time and money with the consuming dimensions involved.  Let us help manage and circumvent these issues.

The decease’s personal property must be sold, so that the heirs can claim their inheritance, and often the house needs to be emptied so that it can go up for sale. 

The most cost efficient method to dispose of the personal property is through an Estate Liquidation Sale.   Often, an Estate Liquidation circumvents any misunderstandings the heirs may have-keeping it fair and stress free for all involved.

       Licensed In City of Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson

Storage Wars Can Be Added To Our Debuts

Storage Wars Is Added To Our TV Appearances!


Las Vegas County Licenses      City of Las Vegas Licenses




For Family, Attorney, Court, Executor, Beneficiary, Heirs

We Can Work AS Co-Administrator ~  We can Inventory & Resource The Home Contents


Each item is fairly priced so that the majority of items will sell and bring in the best possible proceeds for the client.

  • We also have a 12,000 sq ft to consign your items so we do not have to sell the items for less than market value



  • A store location insures that we won’t disappear and are reachable



  •  We are well prepared to provide you, attorneys,  executors, and family members with credentials and to provide cost efficient solutions that can be executed quickly and efficiently and fairly. 



  • Our extensive advertising reaches out to our network of buyers  and we use newspapers, the web and other resources!



  •  ”We Leave Your Walls”, and will be sure the house is empty and ready to sell.



  •  We Have Been Interviewed By Channel 8 News, Fox 5 News,  Amie Jo at KLAV Radio,  Review Journal News, and Have Many Newspaper Interviews In Our Portfolio



  •  We Have Done the  estate of Robert Maheu surrogate for Howard Hughes.  You can check out the blog by Steve Friess by clicking here.  We have also done the estate of Francis Gary Powers,  the American civilian pilot who was shot down over Russia during the cold war and many others!



  •  We Treat Your Items With Care & Respect – “An Adoption Agency For Your Property”



  • We empty out the contents of the home – leaving it empty – with no hidden fees!



  • We Accept All Major Cards at Our Sales For Higher Sales Volume!





  • We take credit cards because we are a genuine licensed business



  • Lots of References & 25 Years Experience  



FACEBOOK LINK   WHY USE Call Renee Estate Liquidation? I don’t talk badly about any other estate liquidation company.    The competition can be feisty.  Do your homework and don’t not use a company because another company is saying bad things about them.  Any company should be telling you why you should hire them – not why you should not hire someone else. 

Trust is a huge ingredient for a successful sale. Our Free consultation is not a sales call – we care that you have all the facts and can make a informed decision.   This is a vulnerable time for you and your family and your decisions need to be thought through.    No Pressure! All of our sales are real!  We don’t bring items in from past sales – or load it with our own inventory.  Our estate sales have only the actual merchandise of the client for who we are holding that particular sale so that  customers are spending money for your items – not someone else’s. 

We have an Antique and Collectible Consignment Store downtown, to sell items unsold from previous sales –  or sales too small for an on-site sale where we can hold online auctions and sell your stuff providing you with complete visibility. 

   Some of the other companies will tell you that owning a store is a conflict of interest – which of course, is not true.  It gives us  credibility as you know where to find us and we tell you which items are being taken and we send you checks when they sell – We know the marketplace and know how to price your items.  You should be able to expect, that the company you hire can competently assess, appraise and price your items prior to selling the items.  

I have been in business for 25 years and have the experience needed to hold a successful sale.    I have an appraisal license, am affiliated with recognized appraisal organizations and work as a expert in my fields with online appraisal companies. We accept credit cards as we are a legitimate business – pay our license and taxes – and credit card acceptance generates more impulse buying.   With our store location, you know where to find us when the sale is over!     Thumbnail


Call Renee! Estate Liquidation LLC
 Henderson License
 City of Las Vegas Second Hand License
Appraisal Licenses
Clark County License
Auction House



MORE!  In The News!

Packing & Removal Services Available For Senior Moves       Need Some Info On Donations?      1 Item or Entire Estate! You never have to worry that your items will be sold below fair value – because we have more than one venue to sell them at!     Watch the video!

Need Help With An Estate Sale? Call Renee!  

Serving Las Vegas & Los Angeles for 25 Years!

Call Renee  (702) 379-7364





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