What’s An Estate Sale?

We’ve been doing Estate Sales in Las Vegas & Los Angeles for 25 Years!
Never Been To An Estate Sale & Don’t Know What To Expect? We love to yard sale. Often we see cardboard boxes (that’s how its done in Las Vegas) on the corners  directing us to an Estate Sale (rather than Yard Sale) and these are usually a disappointment with only the usual garage sale type items thrown on a table.

An Estate Sale is held indoors where Everything Goes! It is usually due to a death or downsize and everything in the house is up for sale.  Everything means just that- everything that remains in the house is for sale.  There are clothes, knick-knacks, china, pots and pans, tools.  From soup to nuts OR Lalique signed crystal to toilet paper! Generally, these sales are held by professional estate liquidators, such as myself.  I am Renee of “Call Renee Estate Liquidation”.

I am often asked why the kids don’t keep everything.  Well, usually the kids are already grown adults with kids of their own – who have a specific lifestyle and taste they have chosen.  Generally, they will keep the few items and mementos they want.  The heirs hire me because emotionally it is a very painstaking process to go through.

I feel I am an adoption agency for stuff that has been loved and cherished by the owners for many years. We are able to pass these wonderful items to others and I know the previous owner would be pleased.

Renee has several estate sales a month, so join the blog notification on the right of this page and get invites to all the sales!

We’re also getting big results with our ONLINE ESTATE SALE HOME AUCTIONS and people are loving them.       Bid at home in your jammies!             Check It Out Here

HOW WE RUN OUR SALES: On the East Coast they call it a Tag Sale…………..Everything in the home is tagged & priced.  Everything!  A great variety-from household to vintage treasures. Our sales open up the entire home – and you walk through the rooms picking up the items you would like to purchase.  Try to only hold on to the items that you really want to buy – so that someone else has a chance to purchase them.  If you’re not sure – put it back until you know you want to buy it.   Be polite, no pushing or shoving, and follow the rules: If a door is marked “Stay out”, then do so. You can bring your own box or basket to put your finds in.  At most of the sales you are allowed to look through kitchen cupboards and drawers – check each and every room  ‘cuz treasures are everywhere!


We Do Estate Sales and ONLINE Auctions Of Personal Property Due To A Death or Move ~ AND Have A Store Location !




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