Estate Sale July 15 & 16 – $1.00 Sale!

OMG SALE!  I have had some OMG sales but nothing says OMG like this one!  There were mountains of clothes – clean and with tags – that we’ve hung up for sale and there are so many that we’ve decided to sell them for $1.00 each (jackets and coats – $5.00)  I’m talking clothes that have price tags in the hundreds – and we’ll do teeshirts and such at 2 for $1.00!!  OMG!!!!

There are purses (some designer), shoes (some designer),  socks, (not so much designer)  cheap costume jewelry (bucket fulls), fun little gifty things , toys, and more.  Each room has racks of clothes (racks are for sale too!) and bins lining the rooms.   We’ve done the best we can and there is no room to put it.

EVERYTHING  (almost) is $1.00 each.

And then lets talk about the back yard – which has about 9 sheds full of stuff, clothes, toys, stuffed animals, flea market kind of new stuff, and did I mention clothes?!  You’ll need gloves for out here only because the stuff is clean but been sitting in boxes – and you’ll need to bring boxes to haul off your stuff!

This lady was a hoarder  – and it looks like she wanted to own a thrift store – as it is in many sizes and colors and shapes — but at $1.00 a pop you’ll be well dressed and can even get some great presents for others!

You’re not gonna believe this one – We don’t believe this one!

There is a wonderful Asian themed Painted Shabby Style Bedroom Set that is gorgeous – and a few Asian cabinets and tables  –

WHERE is this sale?

  •  1708 South 8th Street just off of Oakey –
  • 8:30 AM  — 2 PM

Give yourself plenty of time – as this a Holy Moly! Sale!


Next Sales Will Be:

July 29 & 30 in Rhodes Ranch

August 5 & 6


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Renee Poole has been an estate liquidator and antique dealer for over 25 years. She moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1994 with her daughter Jessica Poole who has since joined her in opening the only antique & collectible estate liquidation warehouse in Las Vegas. The store location known as Not Just Antiques opened in 2004 and the website is
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