How Do You Choose?

I have been doing estate liquidation sales for over 25 years.    The most frequently asked question I get is “how do I know someone is not going to steal from me?’ and the only answer I have is that sadly, you do not know – so be very careful about examining their credentials.  If they are bad mouthing another company – that is usually not a reason to hire them-why would you believe them?  You might investigate what they have told you – but  I think the company should talk about why they should be hired – not why you shouldn’t hire another. 

 I have lots of stories about other companies but I was not there – I was not the client – I don’t know if any of the stories are true or exaggerated. 

I understand some of the companies are saying you should not do an estate sale with someone who has a store – and perhaps that is true for those who hide their stores in big malls – but of course is ridiculous when you know a store such as ours exists.   We opened the store to accommodate the areas others can not.   Our store name is Not Just Antiques Mart – and we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary in January 2015 – and have won many awards and recognition for our outstanding services.  All industries have their rumor mills and less than professional people,  and I suggest if the best a company can give you is advice on why not to hire another company – you should probably look at other companies.

What I can tell you about my company is that :

  • I have been doing estate liquidations in Las Vegas longer than most local companies.
  • I have a license that required a police criminal background check – something that most other estate liquidators do not have.
  •  I have a 12,000 sq ft estate liquidation warehouse where I have sold items for thousands of clients and have had this location since 2004.
  • I have done TV and Radio interviews and Podcasts and am available to speak
  • I get the sale set up, items sold & empty the house in 7 days!
  • We do not need access to your house for weeks.
  • We work with realtors, attorneys and executors and have impeccable references
  • I am a licensed appraiser in Las Vegas and am a proud member of AOA
  • I have the most beautiful daughter I am blessed to work with – and together we will treat your loved one’s items with respect and dignity


About CallRenee

Renee Poole has been an estate liquidator and antique dealer for over 25 years. She moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1994 with her daughter Jessica Poole who has since joined her in opening the only antique & collectible estate liquidation warehouse in Las Vegas. The store location known as Not Just Antiques opened in 2004 and the website is
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