Is It Trash or Treasure?

Is It Trash or Treasure?  Let us decide…………..Don’t throw anything away! No, really!

I often tell the story about an estate sale I went to look at and in the garage were bags and bags that were to be thrown away and donated.  “All junk” I was told.  These bags filled up approx 15 tables in the garage and brought in more money then the stuff inside! 

Let us worry about what is trash and what is not.  Don’t clean up for us – you may be throwing money away. If its not treasure – we’ll toss it!  First we try to sell it – there’s plenty of time to clean it up after the sale is over.    Let’s turn what you think might be trash into cash! 

Would you think this was worth money?

  • old postcards
  • old greeting cards
  •  old letters
  •  old photos -and we’re not talking real old – kids think 50s & 60s black & whites are old (and cool!)
  • old magazines, catalogs, books, pamphlets, manuals
  • vintage clothing
  •  new or old linens ( towels, sheets, bedding, etc)
  •  household items sell like crazy and is a good part of your cash day – we sell pots & pans (new and old), kitchen appliances, china, glassware, salt & pepper shakers….
  • matchbooks
  •  swizzle sticks,  playing cards,
  • casino items
  • pocket knives
  •  sewing items, old fabric, yarn (new or old), patterns (new & old), thread, etc
  •  old staplers, penknives, pens, pencils, stationery, stamps
  •  old food boxes & bottles  – tins, spices
  •  old tools,
  • planters
  •  patio furniture
  •  broken stuff – don’t assume its junk!
  •  dolls, toys,

We’ve seen seen it all before.  We look past the mess and see what’s really there to sell!  The dollars really add up and that is where so much of the success of the sale comes from.  


About CallRenee

Renee Poole has been an estate liquidator and antique dealer for over 25 years. She moved from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in 1994 with her daughter Jessica Poole who has since joined her in opening the only antique & collectible estate liquidation warehouse in Las Vegas. The store location known as Not Just Antiques opened in 2004 and the website is
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