Estate Sale Liquidations in Las Vegas Due To A Death or Move!



We Have The Solutions!

On Site or On Line!

We now specialize in online estate sale auctions providing help for guard gated and gated communities 


 We do estate sales on location

Too small? No problem – we can bring  them to the store.  

Storage Units?  No problem!  We do that too!

“The fun new way to go Antique-ing and Thrifting!”

 Our 12,ooo sq ft  location is currently closed to the public as we re-invent our space! 

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1422 Western Avenue, 89102

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Whats Coming Up

Summer, 2017

We Are Busy Doing Sales All Over!

Please go to the Estate Sale Event Page




We Do Estate Sale Auctions too – for any estate sale but especially convenient  for those Guard Gated and HOA prohibitive communities!


Shop in our Estate Sale Warehouse –


 1422 Western Avenue

Now Open On POP UP DAYS!



Congratulations to our store location  NOT JUST ANTIQUES MART for winning multiple categories in the Best of Las Vegas!

We Do Estate Sale Auctions too for those Guard Gated and HOA prohibitive communities!


 Thanks for Your Support To Our Brick & Mortar Store

          Not Just Antiques Mart







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10 Year Anniversary at Store Warehouse

2 Women & A Store –

10 years ago, Renee Poole, a local and successful estate liquidator opened up a 12,000 sq ft estate liquidation warehouse with her daughter, Jessica Poole in the old industrial part of down town – adjacent to the Arts District. We felt good about down town and felt the excitement that was happening at that time. A two-story massive endeavor, Not Just Antiques Mart, slowly filled up with wonderful estates and consignments and remains the only such vintage store in Las Vegas. Renee laughs at how big 12,000 sq ft looked in an empty old warehouse when she first opened the doors – and how she is now clamoring for more space to put the precious items people bring in. Jessica describes the store as vintage –modern and wishes even more younger people would come in to see the unique items up for sale. “This ain’t your Gramma’s antique store!” They sell known brands for much less than department stores – items such as Waterford, Lladro, Lenox, Fenton and more . There is furniture dating from the early 1800’s through the mid-century era – to repurposed, one of a kind painted items that is so popular today. Every inch of the Mart is filled with special collections in themed rooms to help make shopping easy and more fun.

They have become well known locally for the “go to” to help people determine if their items are trash or treasure! People come with dozens of bins crammed with their grammas’ stuff – and even truck loads full – to get the gals to determine if it is worth anything. The women sift through it and keep the valuables to put on the sales floor. People come into the store to have their items valued and sold. It is interesting to see what someone thinks has value and to hear the stories that are attached to items that have been passed down – most of them, usually being untrue and embellished. On the flip side-the item that someone is ready to discard thinking it has no value and turns out to be valuable is always a hoot! The clients feel good knowing we have not thrown away something that has value and would rather “leave it to the experts” You will find their back area is usually cluttered with bins and boxes of items we have to go through.

They made it through the recession where many other stores in Vegas closed. Project Neon (the new freeway expansion) has acquired almost all her neighbors and they will be one of the only businesses remaining on the historic Western Avenue. Forever expanding, they began holding auctions last winter and expect to start them up again in February. “It’s a little scary to think what all the construction may bring but we are taking it one day at a time” Renee states “ and right now we are thrilled to celebrate 10 years and are going to celebrate with huge sale events!”

This one of a kind estate liquidation warehouse is open Monday through Saturday from 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM and is located at 1422 Western Avenue, 89102 – (near Oakey). For Info call (702) 384-4922 or visit

Media Contact
Renee Poole

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Mom & Daughter Team Effort

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Personal Pickers

Here we are going through bins and boxes of an estate to put out on the sales floor!

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How Do You Choose?

I have been doing estate liquidation sales for over 25 years.    The most frequently asked question I get is “how do I know someone is not going to steal from me?’ and the only answer I have is that sadly, you do not know – so be very careful about examining their credentials.  If they are bad mouthing another company – that is usually not a reason to hire them-why would you believe them?  You might investigate what they have told you – but  I think the company should talk about why they should be hired – not why you shouldn’t hire another. 

 I have lots of stories about other companies but I was not there – I was not the client – I don’t know if any of the stories are true or exaggerated. 

I understand some of the companies are saying you should not do an estate sale with someone who has a store – and perhaps that is true for those who hide their stores in big malls – but of course is ridiculous when you know a store such as ours exists.   We opened the store to accommodate the areas others can not.   Our store name is Not Just Antiques Mart – and we have celebrated our 10 year anniversary in January 2015 – and have won many awards and recognition for our outstanding services.  All industries have their rumor mills and less than professional people,  and I suggest if the best a company can give you is advice on why not to hire another company – you should probably look at other companies.

What I can tell you about my company is that :

  • I have been doing estate liquidations in Las Vegas longer than most local companies.
  • I have a license that required a police criminal background check – something that most other estate liquidators do not have.
  •  I have a 12,000 sq ft estate liquidation warehouse where I have sold items for thousands of clients and have had this location since 2004.
  • I have done TV and Radio interviews and Podcasts and am available to speak
  • I get the sale set up, items sold & empty the house in 7 days!
  • We do not need access to your house for weeks.
  • We work with realtors, attorneys and executors and have impeccable references
  • I am a licensed appraiser in Las Vegas and am a proud member of AOA
  • I have the most beautiful daughter I am blessed to work with – and together we will treat your loved one’s items with respect and dignity


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Estate Sale Friday & Saturday! July 19th & 20th

Friday & Saturday from 9-2
Old Vegas estate sale at 2100 El Mirador St near Valley View and Oakey –
Join our email list future sales, online auctions and events
Vintage! Vintage! Vintage!
Paintings on Velvet, Triple 7 Slot, Collector Plates, Hummels, Glass, Silver, Costume Jewelry, 50’s – 70’s decor, linens, purses, old metal Mexican lamp, wrought iron dining room/patio set
 Also Check Out Our Online Estate Sale $5.00 Auction –  — The latest one is packed up and brought from Queensridge Guard Gated Community and has wonderful old china, crystal and Sterling – Join our email list above for notifications as we are doing these several times a month or get over and grab your coffee and bid now!
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Estate Sale Saturday – Discount Day!

Join us from 8:30-3 for great items for sale at 7127 Sixshooter Drive (215/Warm Springs) Saturday 2/24/2018


Check out photos on the facebook page of Call Renee Estate Liquidation

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Estate Sale November 10 & 11, 2017

We’ve got old and contemporary at this sale.  A huge selection of coin made jewelry – sterling rings – Contemporary Dining room set and Bedroom Set that will knock your socks off (so bring spares)  There is cool old vintage items.  American Indian Blankets (antique) and the perfect sale to buy a holiday gift with 4 tables with new sample coin jewelry and trinkets!  Check out our facebook page for all the photos.   The sale will be from 8:30-2 and is on Dapple Gray Rd near Ann Road and Fort Apache – Just look for the signs!

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